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Ya’ll Respect The One That Got Shot… | Decatur Dan

Ya’ll Respect The One That Got Shot…

I respect the shooter. Johnathan Mannion tweeted one of my favorite Jay-Z lines today and it got me thinking. Ya’ll respect the rapper, singer, etc. But when I watch a video, I’m watching it with a totally different eye, I’m looking to see who directed the video. I’m watching it to see the quality of the visual, it doesn’t have to be some crazy CGI or some super dope lighting that only a high paid LD or gaffer can pull off, it just has to be dope. Here are some of the most relevent indie directors who I always keep my eye on. You can expect this to be a routine post from time to time, as long as I feel like typing all this stuff up, this was WORK!

Philthegod. Favorite work: Georgia’s Most Wanted

I consider Phil a real close friend, we often trade director war stories as well as techniques we pick up on a frequent basis. I’ve known Phil for almost 7 years now, and it is really cool to see your friends not only doing what they love but succeeding at it. Phil is a true talent, he kills music vids, but I like his shorts and documentaries the best. His style is by far unique, he has yet to put out the ‘Game Changer’ but that is soon coming, be sure of that.

Motion Family Favorite Work: Pop The Trunk

From the jump Motion Family [David, C-Bass, and Diwang] have showed me nothing but love. These guys combined are unstoppable. Their videos MAKE artist’s careers, so don’t ask them why they charge what they do, because they are worth it. These guys are some of the most diverse in the game right now, and I definitely pay attention to every video they drop. Can’t wait to see what comes next.

Derek Pike Favorite Work: Hold You Down [Remix]

Being that I directed the original Hold You Down video, I had close eyes on Derek’s version of the remix. While it was only a performance video, it was still one of the cleanest videos I had seen in a while. Derek has aligned himself with some dope directors and he definitely gets my respect.

Bill Paladino Favorite Work: Black and Yellow

I was recently able to check out Bill in action when him and Wiz shot the Homicide remix video with Jeezy just a couple of weeks ago. Bill gets it done, period, he makes something great out of nothing. He came into the warehouse were I have already shot 4 times and made it look nothing like what I’ve done. That is the beauty of perspective. Can’t wait to see the final version of Homicide.

Jake Davis Favorite Work: On My Level

No disrespect to the other directors I have listed, but Jake Davis is the most advanced on this list. Never met in person but he works closely with a good friend of mine, Chris Black. I have been watching Jake’s work since Chris put me on and have seen nothing but growth. Jake definitely brings classic back to music videos, you should pay close attention to his style, I know I do.

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    • Dame says:

      Good list. You would definitely be on mine.

    • Mikey says:

      Pike is my favorite off this list

    • Mikey says:

      Actually Davis is cool too, but I def am feeling Derek Pike’s work the most…

    • cocotaso says:

      creative control? ricky shabazz and the boom-bap boys?

    • Dan says:

      There will be more ‘Respect The Shooter’ posts don’t worry. But it is based on my personal preference though.

    • Respect The Shooter [BET Edition] « Decatur Dan says:

      […] Just in time for my monthly [or whenever I feel like it] post titled ‘Respect The Shooter’, which includes me listing some of my favorite directors who I respect on many different levels, BET releases their nominees for video director of the year. So basically, this rendition of Respect the Shooter is based on what the list nominee’s would look like if I were on the panel. No disrespect to BET’s people, they have a fine staff over there making selections, this is just a difference of opinion. Chris Robinson. Favorite Work: Dreamin’ – Young Jeezy ft. Keysha Cole Well BET got one director right in my opinion and that would be Chris Robinson. Mr. Robinson has shown the most consistency and longevity in the music video industry as a director and has even dabbeled into the movie industry successfully. His videos are with out a doubt some of the work I study and definitely deserves the nomination in my opinion. Joseph Kahn. Favorite Work: The Way You Lie – Eminem ft. Rhianna Along with being one of the funniest directors to follow on twitter, Joseph is always putting out some incredible work. I’ve gone back and watched some of his first projects like Brandy and Monica ‘The Boy Is Mine’ and while his style has changed over the years he is still writing and directing for some of the most relevant artist of our day. The Way You Lie was easily the best video this year from a directors standpoint. Not to mention I’m pretty sure he through that together relatively quickly after being rushed by the label. Anthony Mandler. Favorite Work: Find Your Love – Drake Just like a lot of people, my favorite director would be Anthony Mandler. He does stuff in videos just because he can, things that make you say ‘How did he do that’, not to mention things that can’t be duplicated. His work with Rhianna this year was nothing short of great. Colin Tilley. Favorite Work: My Glory – Tyga Colin Tilley is the Derrick Rose of directors this year. He has put out quality work after quality work. I caught on to him when most did which was after the Duece’s video. Colin continues to blow my mind with every video he releases as far as the production, he is offereing the best look right now in my opinion. Taj Stansbery. Favorite Work: Loose My Mind – Young Jeezy With out a doubt a very influential director in my career is Taj Stansberry who I got to know personally last summer. Taj is one of the best story telling directors out there, and that is why I watch his work, because I feel one of my strengths is story telling. I learned a lot of intangibles watching Taj work and I try to apply that knowledge when I direct now. Related: Respect The Shooter Vol. 1 […]

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