Hood Politics [As Usual]

What a day, this video which I have been working on all week was ripped and put out without my authorization. I now really understand why artist get upset when people leak music before it is ready, just to get some extra clicks and get their name out there. Anyways, the video was shot spontaneously at this ridiculous 20 million dollar mansion in Atlanta. Hood Politics will be featured on Trap Or Die II which drops on Tuesday, May 4th.

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  • mel says:

    I really like what you said in your “about me” section.. I think the mistake a lot of people make out here, is self proclaiming themselves as titles. Giving themselves too much praise, but in the same token, what does it really take to deem one legitimate as journalists or photographer…

    PS. the mansion in this video is amazing. and i agree with this whole hood politics ish..

  • Hood Politics « The Educated Villains says:

    […] to my man, Decatur Dan who is doing an excellent job with these videos. Also shout out to the slime pieces of shit who […]

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